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DAEWOO-12PIN to OBD2 connector for Launch X-431




For use on all Daewoo vehicles with a 12 pin diagnostic port, also suitable for GM and Holden vehicles with the 12 pin port.THIS CONNECTOR IS USED FOR DAEWOO'S  old cars without obd2 port.

We also offer other Launch X-431 OBD2 connectors, such as:  

Launch X-431 TOYOTA-22pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 Suzuki-3pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 Sangyong-14pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 Sabaru-6pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 MITSUBISHI-12+16

Launch X-431 MAZDA-17pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 KIA-20pin connector

Launch X-431 NISSAN-14+16 connector

Launch X-431 HONDA-3pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 FORD 6+1 to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 Daihatsu-4pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 Citroen-2pin to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 CHRYSLER-6PIN to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 Canbus II connector

Launch X-431 BMW-20pin connector to OBD2 connector

Launch X-431 BENZ-38pin connector

Launch X-431 AUDI-4pin to OBD2 connector

Launch Smart OBD16E connector


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